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Best Energy Drink for Focus and Concentration

Best Energy Drink for Focus and Concentration

We’re all looking for an edge at work, the gym, or even just getting through a regular old day. When it comes to picking between coffee, tea, or energy drinks it’s important to understand that not all drinks were created equally. 

We’ve researched all the options on the market and have identified what Energy Drink is the best for energy, focus and concentration to give you the edge you're looking for. 

Below, we’ve outlined the criteria we used to pick our winner and runner up for The Best Energy Drink for Focus and Concentration:


The Criteria We Used 


Ingredients for Energy:

What ingredients are being used to provide energy? Are these ingredients natural & healthy and is their efficacy backed up by science?


Ingredients for Focus & Concentration:

What ingredients are being used to provide focus and concentration? Are these ingredients generally regarded as safe and do they actually work?


Quality & Healthiness of Ingredients:

Overall, how quality and healthy are the sum of all the ingredients being used in the drink? Does the drink contain preservatives or artificial sweeteners, or is it 100% natural and plant-based?


Effectiveness & Duration of Energy, Focus & Concentration:

How well does the drink work and how long does the energy, focus and concentration last for?


Convenience & Cost:

What’s the size of the drink, how much does it cost, and how easy is it to purchase, carry or travel with?

Winner: Proper Wild

Best Energy Drink for Focus and Concentration


Ingredients for Energy: A

Proper Wild has 100 mg of Organic Caffeine from Green Tea. That’s 2x more Caffeine than a shot of espresso. It doesn’t get any higher quality than this for functional energy ingredients.


Ingredients for Focus & Concentration: A+

Proper Wild has 120 mg of L-Theanine, which is an amino acid also found in green tea. That’s 15x more L-Theanine than a cup of green tea. L-Theanine when combined with Caffeine has been shown to improve energy and mood levels along with boosting your focus and concentration.


Quality & Healthiness of Ingredients: A-

Proper Wild is 100% plant-based, uses no preservatives or artificial sweeteners, has 0 g of added sugars, is GMO-Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Stevia Free. The only reason we didn’t give an A+ here is because Proper Wild does have 45 calories, but if you’re looking for natural and clean you’re going to have some calories and 45 is pretty low!


Effectiveness & Duration of Energy, Focus & Concentration: A

Proper Wild claims 4-6 hours of sustained energy, focus, and concentration with reduced jitters and after trying it’s clear they deliver on that!


Convenience & Cost: B+

It’s super easy to order Proper Wild online. They have great customer service and offer fast, free shipping directly to your door. The shots are also super small and convenient (2.5 oz TSA travel size) for taking on the go.

As for price, when ordering online you can get your per shot cost down to $2.40 which is pretty low for a drink that uses quality ingredients. The only downside of Prope Wild is that it’s not available everywhere in stores yet so you have to buy a whole 6-pack if you want to try it. They do offer a money-back guarantee however so it's pretty low risk to try!



Runner Up: MatchaBar Hustle


Ingredients for Energy: A-

At 120 mg of Caffeine from Green Tea Extract, Hustle has just over 1 cup of coffee worth of Caffeine from a natural source.

Ingredients for Focus & Concentration:  B

Caffeine has been shown to improve focus and concentration and Green Tea Extract will have low levels of L-Theanine which is a focus and concentration boosting super ingredient, but without a large source of L-theanine we give Hustle an average B score.


Quality & Healthiness of Ingredients: A

Hustle uses all natural ingredients of the highest quality. 100% vegan, GMO Free, Gluten Free and preservative free


Effectiveness & Duration of Energy, Focus & Concentration: B+

Hustle works, it will give you a boost of energy, focus and concentration but with only 120 mg of Caffeine it’s not going to be as powerful as many of the other options on the market.


Convenience & Cost: B

At $3.25 per drink and a full 12 oz size, we rank it at average for cost and ease of taking on the go.


In Conclusion

If you’re looking for the best energy drink or shot for energy, focus and concentration, the pick is easy -- it’s Proper Wild’s clean all day energy shots

The reality is that there’s actually not that many options on the market to consider. The majority of the drinks available are packed with artificial sweeteners and harmful preservatives that you can’t even pronounce.

We did our homework and while we also love the MatchaBar Hustle energy drink we think Proper Wild is the best option on the market!

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