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We’re passionate about delivering energy shots with clean & transparent ingredients that actually work, without compromising your health!

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Clean Ingredients
& No Preservatives!

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We’re a team of engineers, designers, athletes and foodies based in New York City that really care about what we put into our bodies. That’s why Proper Wild is made with clean ingredients. We hate the preservatives and artificial sweeteners that you find in other energy shots and drinks!

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Women's hand holding Proper Wild's clean all day energy shot

Ingredients Backed by Science!

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We keep our shots simple and to the point. Clean ingredients with real functional benefits that are backed by science. Our Organic Caffeine from Green Tea and L-Theanine are a proven combo to keep your brain fueled and boost your energy, focus and productivity for hours!

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Money-Back Guarantee

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We’re passionate about delivering quality and satisfaction. If you’re dissatisfied with Proper Wild for any reason, we’ll refund the amount paid for your most recent order, within 30 days of when you receive your order, limited to one 6-Pack.

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