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How Long Does It Take For Caffeine To Kick In?

How Long Does It Take For Caffeine To Kick In?

Caffeine makes the world go ‘round. But about how long does it take for the effects of caffeine from a cup of java, tea, or energy shot to actually kick in?

We’ll cut to the chase — the effects of everyone’s favorite stimulant can be felt as soon as 10 minutes after it’s been consumed and can last anywhere from four to six hours on average, with a half-life of about five hours. 

Hold up — half-life? Yup, like all drugs (yes, it’s technically a “drug”), caffeine has a “half-life.” 

Interested in learning more? Proper Wild’s got your back! — read on as we explore caffeine to understand how it works with the body and why it takes as long as it does to kick in and wear off. 


Caffeine 101: Everything You Need To Know

Believe it or not, caffeine is currently the world’s most commonly used drug. The fast-acting stimulant works directly on your central nervous system and is loved by people everywhere — but what exactly is it?

In a nutshell, caffeine is a stimulant, which simply means that it stimulates your mind and your nerves. After consuming it, you’ll probably notice benefits like better focus, increased alertness, and even improved mood. Caffeine can be found in a ton of different products, ranging from candy bars to soda pop and everything in between.

Where Does Caffeine Come From?

Caffeine occurs naturally in many different plants (over 60) but is most commonly known for its presence in the cacao bean (used to make chocolate), the koala nut (used to flavor soda pop), the coffee bean (used to make coffee), and the tea leaf (used to make — you guessed it — tea). 

Thought to have originated in Ethiopia hundreds of years ago, a German physician named Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge first isolated caffeine from coffee back in 1819. Today, caffeine can be easily extracted (or even produced) and is used to make a wide variety of products that are enjoyed daily.


Is All Caffeine Created Equal?

Not exactly. You see, even though caffeine is a naturally occurring substance found in many different plants, scientists have also figured out a way to make it in the lab. 

Synthetic caffeine — which is commonly found in most soft drinks and energy drinks — is typically produced in Chinese pharmaceutical labs and manufactured in factories. This provides a much more potent caffeine isolate than what’s found naturally occurring in the plant kingdom.

Man-made using a little compound called urea, as with many chemically produced compounds, the end product has often been involved with harsh chemicals that aren’t found in the natural alternative. Typically these include methylene chloride, carbon dioxide, and ethyl acetate — and yes, they are as gross as they sound.

Despite all of that, the real issue we have with synthetic caffeine is that it tends to absorb through the digestive system much faster than naturally occurring caffeine. This means you’ll experience an instant energy boost followed by a dramatic, not-so-wonderful crash.

Here at Proper Wild, we stay far away from all the synthetic stuff and use organic caffeine from green tea in our tasty energy shots to provide clean, long-lasting energy from sun-up to sun-down — masterfully crafted with natural fruit juices and absolutely nothing artificial ever for a clean, smooth, and natural taste, without the junk!

How Long Does It Take for Caffeine To Work?

As mentioned a little earlier, it takes around 10 minutes for caffeine and the glorious effects of it to be felt by the body. That being said, you do begin to absorb the stimulant as soon as you start sipping your cup of java since caffeine can very easily pass through the tissue found in the lining of your mouth, throat, and stomach. 

At around 45 minutes, almost 100% of the caffeine will be absorbed by the bloodstream. 

Wondering what happens when you consume the super drug? Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works:

  • The moment caffeine enters your bloodstream, it’s shuttled directly to your liver which breaks it down into itty-bitty molecules.

  • These molecules then travel through your veins, binding to cells, ultimately blocking adenosine receptors on their journey. 

  • With less adenosine, your brain is essentially put into denial that you’re tired. Mentally, you’re much more alert, and your ability to concentrate is on point. 

  • At this point, your blood vessels have jolted into action — as they constrict, your ticker begins to beat faster, pumping extra oxygen to your organs. 

  • The caffeine peaks around 45 minutes after consumption. This is the time when you’re most likely to experience the notorious jittery effects of caffeine. 

  • Caffeine’s half-life — which is the time it takes for the quantity of a substance to be reduced to half the original consumed amount — is usually around five hours. This means if you consume 100 mg of caffeine, after five hours, you’ll still have about 50 mg left in your body. 

As far as how long the effects last, there’s really no “set limit.” You see, once caffeine has reached its half-life, the duration of its effects depends on a few things, like how much you consumed, as well as personal factors including body weight, age, and how sensitive you are to the stimulant.

Are There Any Benefits To Using Caffeine?

Too much caffeine can have many negative effects on your health. However, in moderation, caffeine actually has quite a few impressive benefits! Here are a few of them:

Benefit #1: Improved Cognitive Function

Need help focusing for an upcoming exam or work presentation? Caffeine just might be your saving grace. 

Research shows that a moderate dose of caffeine may increase attention and alertness as well as improve memory. 

Look for an energy drink like our clean all-day energy shots, which contain 2X more caffeine than a shot of espresso as well as 15X more L-theanine than a cup of green tea. Together, this powerful duo will help to keep you energized and alert, with reduced jitters.  

Benefit #2: Boosts Sports Performance

Did you know that caffeine can improve your physical performance during endurance exercise? Just look for a caffeinated beverage that doesn’t contain any nasty artificial ingredients or added sugar that will ultimately bog you down. 

Benefit #3: Supports Healthy Weight Loss

Looking to slim down a bit? Caffeine might be able to help. The beloved stimulate may support weight loss by:

  • Suppressing your appetite and temporarily combating hunger pangs.

  • Stimulating thermogenesis, causing your body to generate more heat and energy from digesting food. 

In addition, caffeine will give you a pretty big energy boost. This newfound energy can help you exercise for longer, ultimately burning more calories throughout the day. Of course, caffeine is not a magical “quick fix” solution to losing weight, but combined with a healthy diet and exercise, it just might be able to support you on your weight loss journey. 

That being said, look for a low-calorie energy drink like ours here at Proper Wild. Made with absolutely no added sugar and nothing artificial — finally, an energy drink you can feel good about!

A Final Word

So, how long does it take for caffeine to kick in, you ask? 

While everyone is different and may experience caffeine differently, the effects can be felt in as little as ten minutes. The full effects of caffeine, however, are generally not felt until it’s been completely absorbed into the bloodstream, which can take up to 45 minutes.

Here at Proper Wild, we pride ourselves on using only the best of the best ingredients in our clean all-day energy shots. Made with organic caffeine from green tea for long-lasting energy, plus L-theanine for focus and productivity, you can count on us to provide you with the energy and focus you need to get you through the day. 

Whether you’re looking to improve your sports performance or simply in need of an afternoon pick-me-up, our 100% plant-based energy shots can help!

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