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How To Stay Awake For All-Nighters

How To Stay Awake For All-Nighters

We’ve all got those days. Countless exams looming before your eyes. Three huge deliverables at work due on the same day. Deadlines slowly approaching, calling out your name as a mug of lukewarm java trembles in your fingers. 

You’ve tried everything, but you just don’t have enough time, so you start to Google “best way to do an all-nighter” and “how to stay awake all night,” and now you’re here. 

There are plenty of reasons not to stay awake all night -- that is, the lack of sleep is highly detrimental to your reasoning and thinking ability, and not to mention concentration. Most experts actually warn against all-nighters. 

But (and this is a big “but”) sometimes, there is no avoiding them. So, how can you successfully stay awake for an all-nighter, you ask?


Prep To Pull an All-Nighter

First things first -- if you know you’re about to pull an all-nighter, it’s wise to prep ahead of time. 

Bank sleep ahead of time.

If you’re already a sleep-deprived individual and then you try to pull an all-nighter, you are going to have more cumulative effects. But if you’ve been getting the proper amount of quality sleep -- say, roughly seven to nine hours a night -- you won’t feel as terrible after one missed night. 

If you know you have an inevitable all-nighter right around the corner, be sure to get some proper shut-eye beforehand. 

Naps are your friend.

Yes, we know this is all about how to stay awake through the night, but if you can, even a 20-minute snooze is better than nothing. Aim for either a quick nap of 20 minutes (pre-sleep cycle) or a longer nap of 90 minutes (one full sleep cycle). 

This will help you to wake up during the lighter stages of sleep, allowing you to feel more rested.  

Eat well during the day.

If you want to stay awake all night, you have to eat three balanced and healthy meals the day before you try to force yourself to stay awake. If you don’t do this, your body will feel sluggish from eating unhealthy foods or even fatigue from undernourishment. 

To avoid this, have a big healthy breakfast full of fresh fruits and veggies. Healthy carbs like oatmeal and wheat-based cereal are also great, as well as protein from lean turkey, ham, and eggs. 

For lunch, stick with healthy options like a sandwich with wheat bread, a hard-boiled egg, or a big salad loaded with veggies. 

And for dinner, avoid greasy or fattening foods that will leave you feeling heavy or bloated. Instead, reach for turkey or chicken, whole grain pasta, and fresh veggies.


How To Stay Awake All Night

Now that you know how to prep for an all-nighter, here’s what you need to help you stay awake:

All of the Lights!

In order for us to fall asleep, we need darkness to have the onset of melatonin production -- which is the hormone that makes us sleepy. So, if you’re trying to stay awake through the wee hours of the night, turning on a bright light can be very effective

Specifically, a bright light that is close to your eyes -- for instance, your computer screen or a desk lamp -- will help to kick your brain into day-mode.

Healthy Snacks and Tons of Water

Arguably the most crucial thing to do while pulling an all-nighter is keeping yourself properly hydrated and filled up with the right yummy nutrients to keep you going throughout the night. 

For hydration, water is always best, but iced tea and fruit juices will also do the trick. As for snacks, stay far away from sugar and heavy carbs! Instead, reach for nuts, fresh fruits, and veggies. 

Pro Tip: Always snack in small portions throughout the night. Overeating might make you drowsy and fall asleep. 

30-Minute Backup Alarms

You might mess up. You could be so sure of success one moment and fast asleep the next. 

The solution? Simply set up a series of alarms on your smartphone throughout the night, timed 30 minutes apart. 

This way, the Sandman won’t visit you early in the night, causing you to wake up in the morning, well-rested, and completely doomed for whatever you needed to stay up for. With this simple method, you won’t ever lose more than thirty minutes of study time. 

Clean Energy Shots

Okay, so most energy shots on the market are loaded with artificial sugar and questionable ingredients that tend to do more harm than good, but our Clean All-Day Energy Shots are a whole new ball game. 

For starters, they’re made with zero grams of added sugar and nothing artificial for a clean, smooth taste -- without the junk. Additionally, these powerful energy shots contain 2x more caffeine than a shot of espresso to help push you through the night. With 15x more L-theanine for focus and productivity, it’s no wonder why so many people rely on Proper Wild when it comes to needing an energy boost during the day or through the night.

Lots of Movement

Nothing is going to wake you up more effectively during an all-nighter than some good ol’ fashioned exercise. If you feel yourself starting to get a bit sleepy, work those tired muscles! 

Do some jumping jacks. Run in place a bit. Read your textbook while power-walking on a treadmill. Pump out some pushups in between emails. 

You shouldn’t move so much that you completely tucker yourself out, but do just enough to get your blood flowing.


How To Stay Awake After All Night

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the night, and you’re now wondering how to keep your eyes open after an all-nighter. 

Some words of advice? Approach the next day carefully. You’ll be sleepy, delirious, and react much more slowly than normal. 

Try to avoid these things the day after you stayed awake all night:

  • Driving

  • Any activity that requires your full, undivided attention

  • Pulling another all-nighter

Before you head off into the abyss, make sure to grab a hearty breakfast to power you through the day. Take short, occasional naps throughout the day to ease off the drowsiness and go to bed earlier to pay back your sleep deficit. 

Most importantly, whatever you do, do not make this a habit. Knowing how to stay awake all night is one thing, but doing so regularly can have long-term consequences on your overall health down the line. 

Only pull an all-nighter when it’s absolutely unavoidable, as the risks are often too great for it to even be worth it.

A Final Word

Pulling an all-nighter can be tough. Thankfully, there are things you can do to help. 

Take our Clean All-Day Energy Shots, for example. Here at Proper Wild, we craft our energy shots with only the best ingredients to create clean energy that lasts all day (or night) long. 

Whether you need to stay up all night to meet a deadline or study for an exam, Proper Wild’s got your back!

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