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Low-Carb Energy Drinks For Keto

Low-Carb Energy Drinks For Keto

Considering a ketogenic diet? The high-fat, low-carb way of eating will certainly require a lifestyle change, but it may also illuminate hidden sources of carbs in your everyday diet, especially in regards to sugar intake. Drinks such as sodas, juices, flavored coffees, and even sweet iced tea come jam-packed with large amounts of processed sugar, which spell disaster for those on a ketogenic diet.

The glass of OJ you had with your breakfast? That’ll be 110 calories and 27 grams of carbs. The morning trip to your local café on the corner? That frothy drink topped with whipped cream could have as many as 600 calories and 75 grams of carbs. That soda pop you guzzled down at lunch? It’s worth well over 200 calories and 40 grams of carbs.

It’s true—many beverages contain more calories and carbs than you would ever believe possible, with the majority of these carbs coming strictly from refined, processed sugars. These little hidden calories from sugar may be compromising your health and weight loss goals.

But what about low-carb energy drinks? Great question.

If you’re considering hopping on the keto bandwagon, there are a few things you should know surrounding low-carb energy drinks. So get comfy and keep reading; let’s dive in!


What Is Keto?

During a keto diet, you will only consume about 20 to 50 carbohydrates in a day. A regular hamburger bun can net 40 carbs, so this may be a dramatic change for some, but the results could be well worth it. The reduction in carbohydrates forces the body into a metabolic state known as ketosis.

When in ketosis, your body becomes increasingly efficient at converting fats into energy. You enter this state within a week or two of starting the keto diet and eliminating carbs. This is not only great for losing weight but also for maintaining a healthy body fat percentage.

Ketosis turns fats into ketones in the liver, supplying energy for the brain - an energetic mind is the result of a healthy body, after all! In fact, Keto was originally developed as a diet plan to help people that suffer from seizures. Weight loss and other health benefits were discovered from observing the carbohydrate deficit.

When following keto, around 60%-75% of your daily food intake will come from fats, with 15%-30% coming from proteins and only 5%-10% coming from carbs.

Keto Diet 

Can I Have Energy Drinks While On Keto?

Yes! Drinking energy drinks while on keto is perfectly acceptable, although it’s important to pay close attention to labels. Some energy drinks can have upwards of thirty grams of carbs, so you’ll need to choose a low-sugar option, which lowers the carb count.

However, in addition to looking for a low-sugar option, it’s a good idea to also familiarize yourself with the different types of sugar alternatives, because they’re not all keto-friendly.

For example, maltodextrin is a popular processed sweetener that is produced from starchy plants like corn, rice, or wheat and contains the same amount of calories and carbs as refined sugar, so it is not keto-friendly. Honey and maple syrup are also popular alternatives to refined sugar, but they are still high in calories and carbs, so they are also not ideal for those following a keto diet.

The best sweeteners for a low-carb ketogenic diet include:

  • Monk Fruit

  • Sucralose

  • Erythritol

  • Xylitol

  • Stevia

  • Yacon Syrup

  • Natural Fruit Juices

These sweeteners listed above have very little-to-no calories and carbs, so they are perfect for those following a ketogenic lifestyle.


Low-Carb Energy Drinks For Keto

Everyone could use a little pick-me-up from time to time. However, if you’re following a keto diet, relying on Caffeine for an energy jolt can sometimes pose a challenge. Why? Because the milk and cream in your favorite latte or the sugar in your afternoon energy drink will immediately put you over your daily carb limit, kicking you out of ketosis.

The best low-carb energy drinks for those following a keto lifestyle include:

Black or Green Tea

Tea is a natural option that contains a very small number of carbs — typically less than 1 gram per cup. You can enjoy this popular beverage iced or hot.

Black tea is made from aged tea leaves, giving it a more robust flavor and is darker in color. Meanwhile, green tea is made from fresh tea leaves, lending it a more floral flavor, and is typically lighter in color. Tea is full of healthy antioxidants that are great for your overall health, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a low-carb, keto-friendly energy drink.

Plain Coffee

Plain coffee is another calorie-free and carb-free favorite that is safe for keto dieters. Like tea, it can be consumed hot or iced. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s what you add to your brew that matters most; drinking it black is completely free of calories and carbs, but this will change once you start adding all of your favorite fixings. To keep coffee a low-carb energy beverage that is suitable for those on keto, be sure to avoid adding things like sugar and milk, which can kick you out of ketosis.

Plant-Based Energy Shots

Another great keto-friendly energy drink is a beverage that contains just the right amount of Caffeine with no added sugar and very little carbs.

Proper Wild’s Clean All Day Energy Shots, for example, have 2x more Caffeine than a shot of espresso and are made with absolutely zero grams of added sugar - pretty rare to find in an energy drink these days!

If you are following the low-carb lifestyle and could benefit from a little pick-me-up, these powerful clean energy shots can help.



If you are looking for a boost in energy without having to sabotage your keto-efforts, look no further and give Proper Wild 100% plant-based energy shots a try.

Proper Wild uses a combo of organic Caffeine from green tea paired with L-Theanine for increased focus and productivity, without the notorious Caffeine crash. In addition, we never use any preservatives or added sugar, so keto-dieters don’t have to stress about throwing themselves out of ketosis.

Try one of our energy shots today and experience the difference of clean plant-based energy - you’ll be glad you did!

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