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10 Must-Have Vegan Essentials

10 Must-Have Vegan Essentials

It’s not an easy feat being vegan in today’s world. Why? Because keto has taken over, and therefore bacon is everywhere.

Eating a robust diet that emphasizes whole, plant foods, though, is linked with all sorts of amazing body-nourishing health benefits, including healthy digestion, decreased inflammation, and a strong immune system. That being said, chowing down on more plants -- or even making the decision to go full-blown vegan -- is quite the departure if you’re used to devouring eggs for breakfast, that deli sandwich for lunch, and steak for dinner.  

To make that vegan food magic happen, you’re going to need to give your kitchen a bit of a makeover -- or at least stock up on all the must-have vegan essentials. Not sure where to start? We can help! Read on for the ten staples every vegan should keep in their pantry.


1. Rolled Oats

First on our list of vegan staples is none other than rolled oats. Oats are incredibly versatile and make for a filling, delicious breakfast every morning. Vegans love to either use them for granola, muesli, cooked oatmeal, or overnight oats -- but they're also a lovely addition to a fruit smoothie, help to give a little substance to veggie burger patties, and can be made into chewy cookies as well as oatmeal bars.

You can easily make oat flour, too, simply by blending your rolled oats for a few seconds. Oats are super healthy and great for vegans because they contain soluble fiber and beta-glucans -- which just might help to lower total cholesterol and control blood pressure.

2. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a must-have multitasker for vegans. An ounce of these tiny black seeds packs nearly five grams of healthy fats and a whopping ten grams of fiber (that’s 40 percent of your daily fiber needs). 

The real beauty of chia seeds, though, is that you can incorporate them into a wide variety of delicious recipes. They can be added really to just about anything, including oatmeal, smoothies, and baked goods. 


3. Agave Nectar

Do you happen to have a sweet tooth but aren’t too sweet on harming helpless bees? Try using agave nectar in place of honey. This all-natural juice of the agave plant (think tequila) is actually sweeter than honey, so you can use less of it. Plus, it also contains higher levels of fructose, meaning that it won’t raise your blood sugar levels as much as other sweeteners. Pretty cool, don’t you think? 

Add a little to your brew in the morning, or use it to sweeten up a vegan smoothie. 

4. Proper Wild Energy Shot

If you’re like most people, chances are you rely on a little bit of caffeine to get you through the day. And while the shelves are full of colorful energy drink products, truth be told, most of them are not vegan friendly. 

From taurine to BCAAs, these popular ingredients commonly found in energy drinks are made from -- you guessed it -- animal by-products.

Rather than choosing a questionable energy drink from your local market, try one of Proper Wild’s 100% plant-based energy shots. Yup, you read that right --100% vegan! 

These tasty vegan shots have a short, simple list of healthy ingredients and are flavored with real mouth-watering fruit juices with zero grams of added sugar and absolutely no animal by-products. What’s not to love?


5. Beans

Full of fiber, protein, and antioxidants, these nutritious legumes are basically magic. Whether dried or canned, they are super-easy to store and add heartiness and depth to pretty much everything and anything -- even desserts! Chickpeas, lentils, cannellini beans, and black beans are great to have on hand. You can even use the bean juice as an egg replacer. 


6. Plant-Based Milk

Dairy is one of the easiest foods to replace because there are just so many great options for plant-based kinds of milk today! From soy milk to oat milk and everything in between, there is sure to be a plant-based milk for you. You can use plant-based milk in soups and curries, smoothies, oatmeal, and coffee, as well as just for drinking. 


7. Quinoa

This ancient pseudo-grain is highly prized because it’s gluten-free and contains an abundance of hearty protein (up to 18 grams per serving), which happens to have all nine essential amino acids. Its couscous-like consistency is perfect for stuffing peppers, bulking up salads and stews, or accompanying stir-fries and curries. 


8. Nutritional Yeast

Any savvy in-the-know vegan will swear by these tiny vitamin B-packed golden flakes-- and before long, you will, too! You can use this versatile yeast in soups, sauces, and gravies or as a coating for tofu. It can also be used to make ooey-gooey vegan-style “cheesy” spreads or be sprinkled over popcorn or mashed potatoes for a little extra flavor.

9. Hummus

Although we already mentioned beans as an excellent vegan pantry essential, hummus deserves an extra place on our list. Usually made from hearty chickpeas, this all-arounder is always beneficial to have in your kitchen. You can use it as a sandwich spread, dip, topping, or as a tasty base for your dressing. 


10. Potatoes

White, yellow, red, purple -- we love them all! Potatoes have definitely gotten a bad rap over the last few years, and some people are afraid that they might cause a little bit of weight gain since they’re so “carby.” But this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Potatoes are around 80 percent water and lead the list of the most filling foods on the planet -- which, if you ask us, makes them pretty perfect for satiety and weight loss. What’s more, is that potatoes are also a very good source of vitamin B6 and an excellent source of potassium, vitamin C, copper, phosphorus, niacin, dietary fiber, manganese, and pantothenic acid. 

Some of the top uses for this humble starch are baked potatoes, hash browns, potato salads, curries, stews, oven-baked fries, mashed potatoes, and simple steamed potatoes.

Bottom Line

In today’s meat-driven society, sticking to a vegan diet can be tough. Like, really tough. But with a little bit of guidance, the right ingredients, and the drive for steering clear of animal by-products, a vegan lifestyle is totally attainable -- and Proper Wild is here to help!

Here at Proper Wild, we make our 100% clean all-day energy shots with clean ingredients and absolutely nothing artificial with no preservatives. They contain zero grams of added sugar and are 100% vegan, so you can rest easy knowing that your energy source isn’t coming from icky animal by-products. Sweetened with mouth-watering natural fruit juices, these undeniably tasty energy shots are definitely a must-have essential for any vegan pantry.

Boost your focus and productivity without the jittery restlessness or fear of consuming animal by-products with our clean all-day energy shots today!

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