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Road Trip Essentials: Making Sure I Make It From Point A To Point B

Road Trip Essentials: Making Sure I Make It From Point A To Point B

A trip is not always about the destination or the country. Often it’s about the journey. Road trips are a ton of fun and are full of adventure -- but what the heck do you need to pack? 

If you are thinking about exploring the open road, you’re going to need a few essentials to make sure you make it from point A to point B. Read on to learn exactly what you need to bring to make your next road trip the best one yet.


What To Bring On A Road Trip

It is well worth experiencing an exciting road trip, which will allow you to see more of nature’s beauty and the picturesque locales. You can also stop at many popular tourist destinations en route. 

Keep your travel spirits high and read along as we go over the best road trip essentials to carry for a long road trip. Making travel packing lists isn’t as hard as it sounds, so if you’re planning soon to hit the road, keep this trip packing list handy.

Road Trip Navigation

Travel Navigation App

A lot of mobile apps these days have helped to make many adventures easy. For first-timers, Google Maps is always a great start. Barring this, there are a few more free road navigation apps, like Waze and so on. Many various alerts and features make these popular applications useful. 

Most of these free apps have useful features to quickly alert the driver to the presence of any nearby hotels, gas stations, road accidents, road congestion, and other obstacles, which just might slow your trip to a grinding halt. 

Additionally, it’s always wise to keep a good ol’ road map handy. While driving your car through the “no network” zone, you’ll run into instances where you will find a shortage of internet connection or phone signals.


Chargers and Power Banks

Chargers are, without a doubt, one of the must-have road trip essentials. Using GPS navigation, social media apps, and snapping great pics and videos will eventually drain your phone’s battery. 

Simply invest in a car charger and power bank to keep your phone charged. And if you’re traveling with friends, you just might want to look into one that has multiple outputs. Trust us -- you’ll thank us later. 

In today’s digitized age, charging high-tech gadgets stand of paramount importance. So, pack the right power bank or a powerful car charger along with your other packing items.



Being super excited before any road trip tends to make us miss on various utility-oriented things -- like picking up a good travel camera. Even if photography isn’t your passion or even your hobby, carrying a camera will assist you in capturing the wonderful travel moments that help reminiscing later. 

In addition to a camera, don’t forget to pack all the associated accessories like folding tripods, lens-cleaning kit, a fresh pack of chargeable batteries, and your camera charger. And whatever you do, always keep a new spare memory card handy, just in case. 

If you plan on using your phone, just make sure to check that you have enough memory to last the whole trip’s photos and videos. It’s a good time to invest in cloud storage if you don’t have a good habit of keeping your storage free!

Snacks Road Trip


Ever been with a hangry passenger? Snacks absolutely need to be on your road trip packing list, especially if you want to save money while you travel. 

Be sure to bring a good healthy mix of foods like apples, nuts, crackers, and baby carrots. Bring a tasty mix of sweet and salty things, too, but be careful with the amount of sugar you consume. Sugar in excess will give you a little energy boost, followed by an epic crash that could leave you feeling quite fatigued.



When you are putting together your road trip packing list, be sure to include a comfy pillow for those times when it’s not your turn to drive. 

A pillow is extremely useful for when you need some quick shut-eye at rest stops to regain your energy and stay alert on the road.

Energy Shots

Speaking of energy…

Driving a ton of hours can sometimes get a bit tiring, which could cause you to want to pull off into a rest stop to take a quick power nap. Rather than allowing fatigue to get the best of you, simply down an energy shot to provide a speedy-boost of energy -- but which energy shots are best?

Well, the truth is that not all energy shots on the market are created equal. Some are loaded with empty calories and loads of sugar, while others are full to the brim with chemicals and additives. 

When looking for an energy boost, stay away from commercial energy drinks that can bog you down and stick with a clean, all-day energy shot made using only the best ingredients, like the ones at Proper Wild

Proper Wild’s Clean, All-Day Energy Shots provide smooth energy without the crash. They are made with clean ingredients, no preservatives, and nothing artificial, for a smooth and natural taste -- without the junk. For all-day focus to get you safely from point A to point B, whatever you do, don’t forget to pack these super-essential energy shots in your travel bag!


Headache Medication

Sitting in a vehicle for long periods of time can take a pretty big toll on you. Advil, Tylenol, or other similar headache medication can be an excellent addition to any packing list because this over-the-counter product not only can relieve pesky headaches but reduces fevers too.



Sure, driving into the sunset can be really romantic, but not when you are staring directly into the bright lights for hours on end. Save your vision and protect those beautiful eyes of yours with your favorite pair of sunnies -- a road trip must-have.



If you are thinking about taking a road trip, planning ahead of time is of the utmost importance. 

Putting together a list with all of the essentials will help you immensely when it’s time to pack. You will need items like maps, phone chargers, your favorite pair of sunnies as well as a comfy pillow to rest your head. 

But what about for when fatigue strikes mid-drive? Don’t worry, that’s where our clean, all-day energy shots step in.

Here at Proper Wild, we have a passion for creating clean energy shots that are as effective as they are tasty. With 15x more L-theanine than a cup of green tea for focus and productivity, with reduced jitters and crash, it’s easy to see why our powerful shots make a perfect addition to any road trip. 

Try one of our three oh-so-delicious energy shots today and get from point A to point B in no time.

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