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The Difference Between Artificial And Organic Energy Drinks?

The Difference Between Artificial And Organic Energy Drinks?

In the quest for finding long-lasting energy, people are posed with a sea of options. From energy drinks in colorful cans, to frappuccinos topped with whipped cream, energy comes in many different forms.

However, as society continues to shift in a healthier direction, we are beginning to see more and more organic options hit the market. But are these organic energy beverages really any healthier than their traditional artificially created competitors?

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between artificial and organic energy drinks, you came to the right place!


Why Organic?

While organic food seems to have only started trending upward in popularity over the last decade or so, organic food practices have quite a long history!

In its simplest definition, organic food is grown without the dependence of man-made pesticides, fertilizers, growth regulators, livestock feed additives, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The organic movement seeks to restore the purest goals of agriculture. Organic agriculture seeks to promote sustainability across environmental, social, and economic factors. Many of these ideals actively combat climate change and declining biodiversity.

There are many requirements to achieve an organic certification. The practices rely on crop rotation, animal and plant manures, hand weeding, and biological pest control. Organic certified farms in America are determined by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), and must not use any substances from a list determined by this office. Organic practices can ensure that only the intended effects from consuming a product are felt.

Natural Caffeine is extracted from plants (not made in a lab) that naturally contain the stimulant. There are over 60 species of plants that produce Caffeine, giving you many options for a source!

Green tea and coffee are the most popular sources by far. Organic Caffeine generally originates from tea leaves or coffee beans that are grown with organic practices, free from pesticides and GMOs.

Green Tea Leaves

Where Does Artificial Caffeine Come From?

Artificial Caffeine is completely synthetic and is added to everything from beverages to dietary supplements. Natural and artificial Caffeine may appear indistinguishable on a chemical level, but there may be differences in terms of their effects. In fact, according to a 2018 Food and Health Survey, a whopping 70% of participants believed that synthetic Caffeine had a noticeably different effect on their body than natural Caffeine.

Synthetic Caffeine is much less expensive to produce, so many brands opt to add artificial Caffeine to their products as opposed to going the natural route. Synthetic Caffeine is derived from chloroacetic and urea acids. These additives are often found alongside sugars, preservatives, and other artificial ingredients - which are directly linked to a negative impact on one’s overall health.

Synethic Caffeine 

What is The Difference Between Natural and Artificial Caffeine?

As mentioned above, it’s less expensive to produce Caffeine in a lab than it is to extract it from plants. Popular energy drink brands usually opt for the artificial alternative to cut costs. Even though the two forms of Caffeine are nearly identical on a chemical level, they do tend to affect the body differently.

Synthetic or artificial Caffeine is absorbed through the body much faster than natural Caffeine. This may seem like a benefit, at first, but it can actually have some pretty adverse effects…

The rapid absorption causes a much stronger reaction to this popular stimulant, with a greater energy spike in less time. Leading energy drinks can have more than the recommended daily dose of Caffeine in a single can, so a faster absorption of such a large amount of Caffeine will only enhance the Caffeine’s negative side effects. Jitters, nervousness, anxiety, and inability to focus are all commonly experienced with Caffeine consumed in large doses.

When consuming a caffeinated beverage, most people are seeking a surge of calming, controlled energy, which is unfortunately rarely achieved from drinking beverages made with synthetic Caffeine.


Why Do Ingredients Matter?

The source of Caffeine isn’t the only important thing to consider when choosing an energy drink—you should also be wary of the ingredients.

One negative stigma surrounding energy drinks is that they taste bad. This is because of the many artificial ingredients they include to preserve the beverage and mask the bitter taste of the Caffeine.

Some brands try to mask this taste with sugar and can have up to 30g of sugar in one 12-oz can! That much sugar in one sitting can cause headaches and dehydration: two symptoms that will definitely stand in the way of focused energy.

The crash associated with sugary energy drinks can increase appetite as well. When you get tired, you get hungry: a vicious cycle that can be terrible for your overall health. You may try to limit your eating by grabbing something small and sugary to replenish your energy instead, and this is a major mistake.

When looking for an energy beverage, stick with a company like Proper Wild. Their clean, all-day energy shots only have 9 g of sugar that comes from the organic and natural fruit juices used for each flavor.

The added health benefits from real fruit juice support the organic Caffeine and L-Theanine in generating four to six hours of heightened alertness and concentration. Perfect for those needing a jolt of clean energy to get through the day!

Another nutritional measure to take into consideration when checking out the ingredients label is the calorie count. One energy shot from Proper Wild only contains 45 calories, a pretty small amount compared to the 200 calorie alternatives on the market!

Clean food with a clean source of energy will keep you satisfied throughout the day!


Natural and artificial Caffeine may seem similar, but there is a clear difference in their effects on the body.

Organic ingredients have many health benefits that can translate into more energy and an improved mood—while sugars and preservatives can drastically deplete your morning momentum.

When choosing your source of energy to wake you up in the morning or power you through that afternoon slump, think about the long-term effects of what you are drinking… Do you recognize every ingredient on the label, or are there a bunch of chemicals with names you can’t pronounce? Does it taste like something you know to be healthy? How long will the spike in energy last?

If your goal is to obtain energy while reducing the dreaded jitters and crash, Proper Wild's Energy Shots can help! These powerful plant-based shots contain 100 mg of organic Caffeine from green tea leaves. This natural source works to fuel the body with sustainable energy all day long, without the crash! Plus, the combo of L-theanine and organic caffeine promotes higher levels of concentration and focus. Thank us later!

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