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Why Does Coffee Make Me Sleepy?

Why Does Coffee Make Me Sleepy?

We know, we know -- caffeine is a stimulant. By definition, a cup of coffee shouldn’t make a person sleepy. But, sometimes, a mid-afternoon brew can actually make someone feel much more ready for a quick cat nap than anything else — forget about feeling energized. 

What gives? Does coffee really make some of us tired? 

We’ll tell you. Read on to learn everything you need to know about why coffee might make you feel sleepy. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!


5 Reasons Why Coffee Can Make You Tired

Ah, coffee. For many of us, a rich cup of Joe is the only way to get the day started. In fact, you might not know this but coffee is the most popular caffeinated drink in the U.S.! 

What you also might not know, is that the caffeine in your morning brew provides you with that desired energy boost by stimulating your central nervous system. That said, everyone is different so it’s perfectly normal for some individuals to react to caffeine differently. 

For instance, your bestie may drink an entire pot of coffee only to experience very minimal effects while you take one sip of a latte and you’re wired. It’s also not uncommon for coffee to cause the opposite effect — rather than resulting in an alert, bright and cheery demeanor, it can cause some people to become super sleepy, undeniably groggy, and ready for bed, even if they just woke up from a restful slumber. 

If you experience sleepiness after drinking a cup of java, it may be due to many reasons, including:


Reason #1: Coffee Blocks Adenosine

Caffeine is a pretty powerful stimulant. One of the ways it works is that it suppresses a little chemical produced by the body called “adenosine.” 

You see, very similar to the sleep hormone, melatonin, your adenosine levels creep up throughout the day. As it builds, adenosine binds to special receptors in your brain that naturally slow down activity, breathing, and heart rate, ultimately resulting in a relaxed state. 

When you sip your favorite cold brew, the caffeine binds to these special receptors, preventing them from ever getting any adenosine. That said, your body still makes the hormone every morning, even if the special receptors aren’t absorbing it, which can cause a major adenosine build-up in your body. 

And once the popular stimulant is metabolized, the super high levels of adenosine can lead to —  you guessed it —  sleepiness.

Reason #2: You’re Drinking The Sweet Stuff

If your cup of coffee is especially sweet, you may experience a sugar crash shortly after drinking it. Why? Because sugar gets processed significantly faster than coffee. 

So while it might take a few hours to experience the fallout of a caffeine high, the crash from the sugar could hit you as soon as 90 minutes after you consume it. 

To avoid this, try to limit the amount of sugar you add to your coffee or simply swap your sugary drink for a tasty alternative like one of Proper Wild’s Clean All-Day Energy Shots

Made with zero grams of added sugar and absolutely nothing artificial, these mouth-watering shots contain twice the amount of caffeine than a cup of java and 15x more L-Theanine than a cup of green tea for clean, long-lasting energy you can count on.

Reason #3: Coffee Makes You Pee

We all know that coffee is a natural laxative, but did you know that it may also be a diuretic? 

Many studies have shown that if you’re a moderate to heavy coffee drinker consuming four cups or more per day, you might find yourself heading to the loo more often than usual. 

When you urinate, you naturally remove fluids from your body. And when you lose more fluids than what you’re drinking, you may feel sluggish and tired as dehydration takes effect. Other symptoms of dehydration include dry mouth, thirst, and dizziness. 

Counter this by keeping yourself properly hydrated. Drink plenty of H2O throughout the day, snack on water-dense foods like fresh fruits and veggies, and lay off the coffee if you start to feel a little dizzy.

Reason #4: Mold Could Be The Culprit

We know it’s gross to think about, but one of the reasons why you might find yourself feeling rather sleepy after a cup of coffee is from *gasp* mold contamination. 

A 2003 study examined 60 samples of raw, unroasted coffee beans (aka green coffee) from Brazil and what they found was pretty disturbing. Practically all samples — roughly 91.7 percent — were contaminated with molds. 

Some research has connected exposure to mycotoxins to chronic fatigue syndrome. Those with this common syndrome often feel tired after resting or even drinking a few cups of coffee and may experience sleep issues. 


Reason #5: Caffeine Is Making You Stressed

We already know that stress can wreak havoc on the body, but did you know caffeine can contribute to those feelings? When you’re feeling stressed, your body releases the hormone called cortisol, which tells your body to remain on high alert (ultimately stressing you out even more). Epinephrine — aka adrenaline — can have a similar effect, rushing through your body and elevating your heart rate. 

According to research, drinking caffeine can double the levels of both cortisol and epinephrine. This can happen to even casual coffee drinkers, causing spikes in stress. Putting your body in that high-alert state can tire you out and make you feel super sleepy.

Bottom Line

Coffee is a beloved staple in many people’s lives, however caffeine is a pretty powerful stimulant and consumption should be monitored. 

If you find yourself feeling more ready for a cat nap than your morning meeting after drinking a cup of java, or if you begin to experience any adverse effects such as jitteriness and dizziness, it might be a good idea to reduce your intake or, try swapping your coffee for a smoother alternative, like a Clean, All-Day Energy Shot from Proper Wild!

Made with 2x more caffeine than a shot of espresso and 15x more L-theanine than a cup of green tea, all it takes is one shot of Proper Wild for unbelievable focus and productivity from sun-up to sun-down. And the best part? These mouth-watering shots come in three delicious flavors and are low in calories, keto-friendly, and contain zero grams of added sugar. What’s not to love?

Here at Proper Wild, we wanted to make an energy shot with clean ingredients that actually work without compromising your health. That’s why we only use plant-based ingredients backed by science, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, and are super transparent on our labels about what you’re actually putting into your body. Whether you’re cramming for an exam, needing some pre-workout for the gym, or you’re working the night shift — we’ve got your back.

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